Lal Ashby Intermediary Services
Lal Ashby Lal Ashby provides adoption support services to adults, and provides Intermediary Services for people wanting to be reunited with birth relatives separated by adoption. Lal has worked with many people seeking reunion with birth children, birth parents, siblings and half siblings, and has a wide range of experience in achieving an optimal outcome for all the parties involved. Lal began her work in supporting people affected by adoption by working as an Independent Member of two Local Authority Adoption and Permanence Panels.

Lal Ashby started her working life in medical research at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, and then joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1986. Lal has held a variety of roles including Head of Nursing Services, Sales Director and Head of Management Development.

Lal is registered with Ofsted as Adoption Support Agency number SC426483, and is registered to provide adoption support services to adults and to provide intermediary services. For a copy of Lal's most recent inspection report please click here.
What are Intermediary Services?

An adoption intermediary is trained and experienced in understanding the hopes and expectations of people seeking a contact and reunion with relatives lost through adoption.

She will ensure that the person asking for the service is fully prepared for the wide range of possible responses that may be received from the relative who she will approach with great care and sensitivity....

Thank you is really inadequate as through one single letter you have managed to change my whole life. Being nearly 60 I had become resigned to the fact that I would never know my origins but through my husbands 'beavering' and your letter, I have a whole new family.

My very best regards and heartfelt thanks.
Mrs RF